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Introduction and characteristics of FVMQ fluorosilicone rubber

Time: 2021-03-18 View: 289

FVMQ fluorosilicone rubber O-ring maintains the excellent characteristics of silicone materials such as temperature resistance, cold resistance, high voltage resistance, and weather embrittlement resistance. Because of the introduction of fluorine-containing ester groups, it also has Organic fluorine raw materials have excellent resistance to hydrogen-based organic solvents, acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance and lower surface characteristics.

   1. Acid and alkali resistance, washing resistance, chemical resistance

   Fluorosilicone rubber is compared with hydroxy vinyl silicone rubber, its acid and alkali resistance, washing resistance, and chemical resistance are extremely high; even compared with fluorine rubber, it has excellent acid and alkali resistance and washing resistance. After pre-soaking under the same substance, temperature and time, the information showed excellent performance. It can be said that fluorosilicone rubber is the only polyurethane elastomer that is resistant to non-polar substances at -68°C to 232°C. Fluorosilicone rubber is also relatively resistant to methanol-containing gasoline. Even in the automotive gasoline/ethanol mixed management system, the strength, tensile strength, and volume change of the vulcanized rubber rubber are not large. After a long-term pre-soaking test for 500 hours, There is basically no change in various physical properties.

   2. Temperature resistance

   The high temperature dissolution of fluorosilicone rubber is the same as that of silicone rubber, namely: main chain air oxidation, main chain rupture, main chain decomposition reaction and various composite reactions. Because dissolved substances can also cause the main chain to break, the temperature resistance is generally worse than that of silicone rubber, and it has just begun to oxidize and embrittle in the air at a temperature of 200°C. However, by adding a small amount of halogen-free flame retardants such as iron, titanium, rare earth metal oxides, etc., it can be significantly improved, and it has sufficient temperature resistance even at a high temperature of 250°C. Temperature is more harmful to fluorosilicone rubber than silicone rubber, but less harmful than fluorosilicone. Overseas scientific studies have also conducted scientific studies on the service life of fluorosilicone rubber under the standards of 150℃×2000h, 175℃×5000h, and 200℃×4000h. The result is second only to hydroxy vinyl silicone rubber.

   3. Cold resistance

   Fluorosilicone rubber, like general silicone rubber, has excellent ultra-low temperature characteristics. Because fluorosilicone rubber is a linear polymer composed of soft Si-O main chain, its ultra-low temperature characteristics are better than fluoro rubber with C-C main chain. Among them, the ultra-low temperature characteristics of fluorosilicone rubber (LS-2370U) are stronger, and the ductility temperature is as low as -89℃, while the general fluorine rubber is about -30℃.

  4. Electrical performance, radiation resistance characteristics

  The electrical properties of fluorosilicone rubber are similar to those of general silicone rubber, but it is very valuable that it does not change much under stringent standards such as high temperature, ultra-low temperature, dampness and coldness, oil, organic solvents, chemicals, and active oxygen. The radiation resistance of fluorosilicone rubber is not prominent, but the resistance to embrittlement of radiation sources is better than that of hydroxy vinyl silicone rubber.

   5. Physics physical properties

   Fluorosilicone rubber is the same as general silicone rubber, but the impact toughness of vulcanized rubber rubber is relatively low. Therefore, improving and enhancing the compressive strength of fluorosilicone rubber is also a key research topic.

   6. Other features

   Fluorosilicone rubber has excellent resistance to weather embrittlement, and even after five years of exposure, it still maintains its excellent characteristics. Active oxygen is one of the most vaporized vapors when polyurethane elastomer is embrittled, but fluorosilicone rubber has not been found to have cracks or cracks after experiments based on dynamic or static data. In addition, fluorosilicone rubber has excellent mold removal, physiological plasticity, and anticoagulant properties.

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