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Inventory items are shipped on the day the order is received. Mold items are shipped 7 days after the order is received. Mold items need to be developed for shipment 15 days after the order is received. If you have urgent needs, DEKE can expedite the processing for you. If required, DEKE can also cooperate with your schedule to prepare the products you need in advance


The goods can be delivered to you on time according to the delivery method you specify, such as freight, express, etc.

Customer complaint response

If you find that the product is short or inconsistent within 30 days after receiving the product, we will have someone to advise you within 24 hours of how to deal with the product on hand and other necessary remedial measures.


DEKE guarantees that all products sold will have no defects in the materials or the product itself within one year after the delivery date. If the product proves to be unable to provide sealing and does not conform to the agreed standard of the original design due to the functions and methods, We will be responsible for the replacement and transportation costs, but not including installation costs and other damage caused by defective products.