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Pay attention to the installation of seals

Time: 2021-03-18 View: 228

When installing seals, we often encounter some problems. Now we will introduce three points that should be paid special attention to when installing hydraulic seals.

   1. Do not damage the sealing surface or sealing line on the surface of the hydraulic seal

  The sealing performance of hydraulic seals depends on the upper and lower end faces. The sealing performance of hydraulic seals depends on the lip line associated with the hole or shaft. These parts are made of soft, high temperature resistant, corrosion resistant and aging resistant materials. Graphite, rubber, plastic and fiber are made of special materials that are easily damaged. Therefore, special protection and maintenance are required during handling, installation and storage. Once damaged, it will usually leave a big hidden danger to the sealing part.

   2. Do not install the seal forcibly

   Some seals are placed in the grooved stuffing box. At this time, they need to be tightly installed. During installation, it should not be rough or brutal. Forcible installation will destroy the original precast structure of the seal, just like the precast concrete. Filling in the required part will inevitably lead to disaster. The installation of this seal must be very careful, and the embedding must be done gradually.

  3. Pay attention to the balance and symmetry of the seal when installing

   Place the seal close to the effective sealing surface (or lip line). After opening and using the system, further observations and post-maintenance work of tightening the seals are required to prevent damage to the system due to micro-leakage caused by changes in operating conditions (such as pressurization) during the operation of the system.

   The above are three precautions for seal installation, we must pay attention to it when installing.

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