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The scope and advantages of mining sealing materials

Time: 2021-03-18 View: 242

Mine sealing materials are mainly used in coal mines, and its scope of application:

  1. Control the direction of ventilation or temporary tightness and tightness;

  2. The goaf and harmful gas are closed in the coal cracks;

  3. Fast sealing of flame-retardant materials for fire wall firewalls;

  4. Other leaks, leaking cracks, another closed upper and lower corners.

  2. The basic principle of fast airtight materials

  Fast sealing, flame retardant and antistatic, the main working principle is: put the liquid synthetic material in two containers, when used, it will automatically mix in proportion under the action of pressure and catalyst, spray it with a spray gun, and quickly under the appropriate temperature. Penetrate into the cracks, and expand and foam in the cracks to form a rigid foam compound attached to the surface of the object, thereby playing a sealing role.

  Three, the main advantages of mining sealing materials:

  1. Light weight, easy to carry and transport, the material is quickly closed and the volume is small, the packaging is 11KG, and the packaging weight is 18-20KG.

  2. It is easy to operate, without any power source or other technical auxiliary teaching facilities, one person can operate it, and it can be used anytime, anywhere. Labor relations are low in intensity and high in efficiency.

  3. The time is short, the speed is fast to close, and the skilled operation can solve the problem of airtight closed walls within five minutes. The air leakage rate of the airtight wall is very important to solve, especially in disaster relief, which can present the advantages of fast, short air-tight material time and fast speed. Good sealing performance, the spray is in a liquid state at the target moment, and can well penetrate into the target object and rise in the gap of the foam. The sprayer quickly shuts down over traditional sealing materials.

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