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Some related introductions of the dust ring

Time: 2021-03-18 View: 139

1. What is a dust ring?

       The reciprocating seal installed on the piston rod to prevent external dust from mixing into the hydraulic cylinder is the dust ring.

       2. What are the precautions for using the dust ring?

       1. No matter what kind of dust ring, it cannot bear pressure. In addition, the dust ring does not have a sealing function, and its attention is to prevent dust (and it needs to be used in conjunction with other seals).

       2. Avoid cuts caused by contact between the lip of the dust ring and the opposite side of the wrench or the hole of the piston rod.

       3. What is the main function of the dust ring?

       The dust ring is mainly applied to the hydraulic pneumatic piston rod, so its main function is to remove the dust attached to the outer surface of the piston cylinder and prevent sand, water and pollutants from entering the sealed cylinder. In fact, most of the dust rings we use are made of rubber materials. Therefore, the working characteristic of the dustproof ring is dry friction (this requires the rubber material to have particularly good wear resistance and relatively low compression set performance, etc.).

       4. What are the product types of the dust ring?

       With the development of technological changes, the product categories of dust-proof rings have also begun to be enriched. According to the function, sealing mechanism, characteristics and structure type, the dust ring can be divided into many types.

       1. According to the structure, the dustproof ring can be divided into rectangular dustproof sealing ring, J-shaped dustproof sealing ring, chamfered dustproof sealing ring, foot-shaped dustproof sealing ring and triangular dustproof sealing ring.

       2. According to the function, the dust-proof ring can be divided into single-acting dust-proof sealing ring and double-acting dust-proof sealing ring.

       3. According to whether there is a framework or not, the dustproof ring can be divided into a non-framework dustproof seal ring and a skeleton type dustproof seal ring.

       4. According to whether it is combined or not, the dustproof ring can be divided into a single dustproof sealing ring and a combined dustproof sealing ring.

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