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Applicable environment of dust ring

Time: 2021-03-18 View: 268

In the selection of materials and dust-proof ring structure, the attributes of the important characteristics of the external working medium, the group number of dirt components, particle size, particle strength, abrasion resistance, etc., the selection of the working medium inside the dust-proof seal is also affected. Because the main seal of corrosive materials kicked by the permeable membrane of the working medium may damage the dust seal.

According to the characteristics of the external management working environment of the enterprise. The different technical conditions for the use of the dust ring can be divided into three categories: light pollution, medium pollution and serious impact pollution. The economic conditions for the use of dust-proof rings in machinery, machining and molding workshops, marine machinery, etc. belong to the light pollution type. This type of pollution is equivalent to the general pollution of production plants and workshops. Under these historical conditions, the development mainly studies the use of I and II dust rings.

For example, construction machinery, automobiles, excavators, casting and forging workshops are classified as the second type of pollution. They are caused by construction-derived pollutants, sand, cement, coagulation, various soils, peat, abrasive slurry, dirt, etc. . Pollutants from roads, sand with fine stones, etc. Dirt in the foundry, such as iron filings, etc. Use II and III dust ring in these occasions.

For example, the working conditions of the dust ring used in the chemical production of open-pit mines, mines, mines, smelting workshops, corrosive media and corrosive gases are severely polluted. This type of pollution refers to dirt particles with different particle size, hardness, and chemical corrosivity, including stone particles and other mineral particles, coal dust, slag, chemical products and waste. It is usually used in the third group, so it is sometimes used For the second set of dust ring.

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