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Performance of fluorine rubber O-ring seal

Time: 2021-03-18 View: 236

O-shaped sealing ring is one of the more commonly used sealing rings, and fluororubber O-shaped sealing ring is a more commonly used material. What are the properties of fluororubber? O-ring manufacturer DEKE Seal tells you.

Fluorine rubber O type sealing ring is a sealing ring prepared and mixed with vinyl fluoride, hexafluoropropylene and various formulas. It has good flame retardancy, air tightness, high temperature resistance, oil resistance, solvent resistance, flame resistance, and The properties of chemicals and weather resistance are commonly used in the automotive industry, chemical processes, aerospace and many industries.

The fluororubber O-shaped sealing ring can be used at a high temperature of 250 degrees, and can withstand a high temperature of 300 °C for a short time. It is known for its good performance in high temperature resistance and chemical resistance. In addition, it also has good anti-aging and anti-oxidation, very low gas permeability (especially suitable for true high-altitude installations), but there are many varieties of fluoroelastomers, and there are also some differences in different varieties.

    Fluorine rubber O-ring fuel oil, hydraulic oil, organic solvent, concentrated acid, strong bismuth agent, etc. are stable, but their varieties are also different, such as fuel oil, hydraulic cylinder oil, diesters, silicon For media such as acid ester lubricants and boiling water, the performance of Type 23 fluororubber is worse than Type 26 fluororubber in the environment. The compounding agent in the formula also has an impact on the performance. For example, peroxide curing system products have better hot water resistance than ammonia and phenol curing system products.

     The disadvantages of fluorine rubber O-rings are poor processability, high cost, poor cold resistance, and low elasticity and air permeability.

    Fluorine rubber is also divided into many varieties, and there will be differences in variety and performance. When choosing the material of fluorine rubber O-rings, you need to select and deploy suitable rubber materials according to the working conditions. DEKE Sealing has 17 years of technology and rich experience. Welcome to customize drawings. Viton O-ring seal.

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