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What is the difference between fluorine rubber (FKM) and perfluoroether rubber (FFKM)

Time: 2021-03-18 View: 142

Everyone knows that FKM sealing material refers to fluoroelastomer. So what does FFKM refer to? What is the meaning of adding an F? DEKE  tells you that FFKM is perfluoroether rubber, that is, the main material of sealing ring products or rubber products made of perfluorinated sealing rubber. It is a kind of sealing material that is much higher than ordinary FKM fluoroelastomer in terms of material application and price. It can be said that it is not a product grade. The material of perfluoroelastomer sealing ring is resistant to high temperature environment and corrosion resistance. (It can withstand more than 1600 kinds of chemical corrosion) are all very good.

The material of FFKM perfluoroether rubber seal ring is composed of TFE (main chain), PMVE (branched chain) and bridging part. It not only has excellent resistance to high and low temperature and chemical corrosion like PTFE, but also has rubber The flexibility and elasticity of the common perfluoroether rubber seal ring is between -25°C and +240°C.

The compression deformation rate of FFKM perfluoroether rubber seal material at 3000°C is only below 50%, and the high temperature resistance can reach 327°C, even if exposed to a constant temperature of 316°C or a temperature like 343°C In the high temperature environment, the hardening and embrittlement that lead to seal failure will not occur, and its elasticity and resilience performance can still be maintained in direct contact with aggressive fluids.

In the practical field, the perfluororubber seal ring also has excellent air tightness, high cleanliness and ion resistance. These characteristics are also widely used in the semiconductor industry.

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